Holger: Thank you Roger and Ramesh!

Practical and elegant genius, to let our suffering drop away.
In a nutshell:

What we  are really looking for is HAPPINESS through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances. Not a selfish happiness, but the natural foundation of Love and empathy.

Not a gaining of something, not a feeling, not a pleasure or an excitement; it is simply the absence of suffering.

One half: guilt, blame and pride.
Other half: expectations and attachment to outcomes, worry and anxiety.
Suffering is attitudinal and can completely drop away.

Enlightenment is the end of suffering; the cause of suffering is desire.

Desire is attachment to outcome, attachment to pleasure; a craving stemming  from a false idea of who we are.

Setting our benchmark to effortless Peace of mind (our true nature), and using simple concepts to lovingly expose our erroneous egoic resistance towards Life. 

To see and feel that our suffering is not a curse, but a gift to expose our faulty thinking and memory-based sense of "me" so that Life can naturally and effortlessly adjust.

Thank you Roger, for helping me to discover, experience and confirm that I can trust Life.

Thank you for freeing me from the burden and guilt of religious misunderstandings and dogma; giving me the courage and tools to feel what IS, to decipher and embrace the metaphors of Life.

I don't have an agenda with this website; I am not claiming anything, besides my freedom to say "Thank you" to Life as life, after decades of painful suffering and faulty thinking. It is humiliating -- in a good way -- to see how simple it is. 

The person Holger is still here with all its genes and up-to-date conditioning; with all its potential shortcomings and unexpressed gifts. There is still a 'me', a body-mind perspective, but with an underlying subtle delicious quietness and confidence felt in the body. 

Like a toddler has a natural impulse to learn how to walk, so do I feel a deep stirring to share, to encourage and invite natural openness in allowing to understand, feel and surrender the false sense of "me", the root of egoic suffering.

Equipped with the benchmark of "peace of mind, independent of circumstances" and some fun-da-mental concepts... to understand the mechanism of human suffering... without the slightest wish to fool myself or you... 

I can relate to "Life is inter-human relationships" as a precious gift, neither to fix an assumed outer nor to entertain a new identity, but to lovingly and playfully discover, explore and embrace my own resistance; to be willing to let my psychological identity effortlessly die in the Light of Awareness.

Sorry for all the misunderstandings; only God/Love/Life is good.

Life is precious!

Awareness – the intimacy of our own Being.

It takes a universe to make a sandwich